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02/06/2014 - New mechonix and new IDE

Finally I have some free time left to add new things to my game. And one of those is shown above. As you can see, I added "walk-through"-able (<- THAT is definitely not correct english, but whatever) terrain.

But there also are some bad news. As my Game Maker 8.1 and lower won't work anymore, because my game loses fps over time, no matter what I do, I switched to Game Maker Studio. That was around 2 months ago, I didn't have time to post any updates due to University. But I had to remake my whole game (again...), so it'll be delayed again. On the other hand, I now could correct some issues the game had and fix (but also add) some bugs.

All in all, I'll work on the game as usual, but it will take a whole lot more time...